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Acai Or Mangosteen Which Offers You The Most Benefits
For You Hard Earned Money?

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The answer depends on your health goals and the reason you are taking (or want to take) either product in the first place.

Natural Home Cures Acai and Mangosteen have been synergistically manufactured to work in unison with each other. Combined, the two products enhance each other. That said, they are also very unique and work differently in respect to addressing certain medical concerns.

I would like you to think of acai and mangosteen as the food and water you need to live. To elaborate, we could live for a period of time without food and a much shorter period of time without water. However, when taken together in a proper and nutritious ratio, our bodies can last for a very long time.

For this reason, I have created a comparison to help you understand which of the two products is the right one for you.  However, I would suggest taking both products concurrently for maximum benefits. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for a lifetime to come.

In summary, Acai wins in the categories of: Digestion and Stomach Disorders, Eye Disorders, Mental Acuity & Awareness, More Energy, Less Stress, Calcium Deficiency

Mangosteen wins in the categories of: Breathing, Depression, Pain and Inflammation Disorders

Acai and Mangosteen are just as effective or complement each other in areas of Heart Health, Skin Disorders, Urinary Tract Disorders, Viral Infections and Weight Loss.

Here is a breakdown of how Acai and Mangosteen compare to each other:

One of the effects of aging is the natural decline in stomach acid. This leads to increased bacteria in the stomach and causes diarrhea, cramping, gas, and malabsorption of nutrients.

Acai: Healthy source of natural fiber, good for the cardiovascular system and digestive tract and colon health. Acai also contains many valuable Phytosterols. Sterols are compounds of plant cell membranes providing numerous benefits to the human body. Acai offers more beneficial properties than mangosteen when addressing digestion and stomach conditions.

Mangosteen: Is very fibrous and thus helps to push waste through the colon rapidly, diminishing constipation and helping to keep cholesterol in check by removing harmful bile acids.

Eye Disorders  (Acai Wins)
Cataracts and glaucoma are the result of radiation damage to the lens proteins in the eye.

Acai: Packed with Anthocyanins, a compound with numerous health benefits to assist with better vision, protect the body against inflammation, strengthen the nervous system and even protect your brain from the results of oxidation!

Mangosteen: These conditions can be reduced by avoiding sun exposure and by supplementation with effective antioxidants such as those contained in mangosteen.

Mental Acuity & Awareness  (Acai Wins)
Oxidative damage to the brain is a significant cause of dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other central nervous system diseases.

Acai: Contains protein, omega 3, 6, 9 and vitamin B (anti stress) improving mental clarity and inducing better sleep. Acai offers more beneficial properties than mangosteen when addressing mental acuity & awareness.

Mangosteen:  Effective in diminishing mental degeneration. Plus, mangosteen has been shown to improve mental acuity.

More Energy, Less Stress (Acai Wins)
Acai: High content of  vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins, Beta-carotene, Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Folate, Iodine, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, Vitamins C, D, E, and Zinc make acai more complete than mangosteen.

Mangosteen: Contains xanthones which are high-energy antioxidants. These help to convert the food we consume into energy -- a very good energy booster.

Acai: Contains a significant amount of calcium, which strengthens bones and prevent fractures, especially in the hip, spine, and wrist. It also tends to coat the lining of the stomach and uterus reducing the pain that comes from cramps and bloating.

Helping to develop healthy teeth and gums is also another characteristic of calcium. Calcium provides a whiter smile and stronger teeth as well as preventing gingivitis and other gum diseases.

Mangosteen:  No beneficial properties that address this.

Urinary Tract   (Acai Wins)
Incontinence for women is caused by the natural decline of muscle tone in the pelvis. This decline in muscle tone reduces the bladder's ability to completely empty itself. As men age, the prostate naturally enlarges which narrows the urethra and causes some urine to remain in the bladder after urination. Men and women with these respective conditions often experience infection because of the bacteria present in the remaining urine.

Acai: Sterols are also currently being used to treat symptoms associated with BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) and other problems associated with an enlarged prostate gland. Acai offers more beneficial properties when addressing urinary tract disorders. 

Mangosteen: The xanthones in mangosteen have a proven, natural antibacterial effect so dependence upon antibiotics can be reduced.

Asthma   (Mangosteen Wins)
Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the respiratory system.

Acai: Similar properties as mangosteen, however, not as potent.

Mangosteen: is an ideal alternative to undesirable asthma medication because of its natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects which fight infection, inhibit inflammation, and reduce allergic triggers...naturally!

Depression  (Mangosteen Wins)
Acai: Currently we have found no beneficial properties in Acai that address depression directly. 

Mangosteen: Contains tryptophan—an essential amino acid—and is directly related to serotonin, which is responsible for our sleeping patterns, our moods, and our appetite. Best of all, mangosteen gives the consumer a feeling of well being.

Pain and Inflammation (Mangosteen Wins)
Chronic inflammation can lead to Type II diabetes, cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, Heart disease and other deadly diseases.

Acai: Similar properties to mangosteen, although, not as potent.

Mangosteen: Xanthones are one of nature's most potent weapons in the war against pain. These compounds are super-charged anti-inflammatories that work to keep your body in shape and healthy, the way nature intended!

Heart Health  (Acai and Mangosteen both Win)
Heart disease and Arteriosclerosis occur when the elasticity of vessels surrounding the heart is lost. Hypertension (elevated blood pressure) is one of the leading causes of arteriosclerosis. Dangerous plaques form and narrow the passageways of the arteries, increasing the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Acai: Has two essential fatty acids known as Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) and Omega 9 (Oleic acid). Research shows that these fatty acids maintain normal cholesterol levels. 60% Omega 9 (Oleic acid) a monounsaturated essential fatty acid, helps lower LDL (harmful cholesterol) while maintaining HDL (beneficial cholesterol) levels. 12% Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid has been found to lower both LDL and HDL levels.

Anthocyanins ability to counter oxidants make them a powerhouse in the fight against arteriosclerosis. Even in trace amounts, anthocyanins effectively protect against LDL oxidation. Anthocyanins protect the integrity of the endothelial cells that line blood vessel walls and help to maintain micro-capillary integrity.

Mangosteen: Fortifies vessels through its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease. Mangosteen and Acai, when used together, promote a healthy heart.

Skin Disorders  (Acai and Mangosteen both Win)
Skin disorders such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Psoriasis, and rashes are commonly treated with steroids and anti-fungal creams.

Acai: Anthocyanins neutralize enzymes that destroy connective tissue. Their antioxidant capacity prevents oxidants from damaging connective tissues and repair damaged proteins in the blood-vessel walls. Improving skin tone and preventing premature wrinkles.

Mangosteen: Applied topically, mangosteen has been proven to fight skin conditions naturally, without the harmful side-effects of drugs.

Viral Infections  (Acai and Mangosteen both Win)
Acai: Macro minerals are necessary minerals that are found in both foods and supplements. Most people need high amounts of these minerals and acai is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you get the amount of macro minerals you need each day. Potassium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorous are just some of the main macro minerals that people don't get enough of. Sulfur can help to improve acne, magnesium can help women with their menopausal complications and potassium has been known to improve heart health. Plus, acai is six times more potent than mangosteen in helping to avoid colds, flus and viral infections.

Mangosteen: When taken in high doses at the onset of a viral infection, mangosteen speeds up the body's processes and heals viral infections more quickly. When taken as a daily supplement, mangosteen has also proven effective in diminishing viral infections altogether.

Weight Loss (Acai and Mangosteen both Win)
Acai: Curbs appetites because of its low glycemic index which helps to control weight. The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates based on their effect on blood glucose and/or blood sugar levels. The quicker carbohydrates break down during digestion, the higher their glycemic index. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have a lower glycemic index. Low glycemic levels mean you stay fuller for longer and can even prolong physical strength and endurance.

Mangosteen: Xanthones make our cells soft and permeable and convert the food we eat into energy. Mangosteen and Acai, when used together, promote effective weight management.

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