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Menopause is a perfectly normal event that occurs in the mid or late forties. It signifies the end of the female reproductive cycle commenced in early adolescence.

There are several misconceptions about menopause: many women going through this change feel they are growing old and that they are past the prime physical vigour stage of life. Other women feel that menopause brings with it a cessation of sexual pleasure but these beliefs are are far from true.

Menopause may be the end of a womenís fertility but certainly not of her virility. It does not decrease a womanís physical capacity, sexual vigour or enjoyment of same.

The symptoms of menopause include but are not limited to: hot flashes, night sweats, nervous tension, menstrual disturbances, insomnia, diminished interest in sex, irritability and depression. In addition, chilly feelings, fatigue, palpitation, dizziness, headaches and numbness are also experienced by some women.

The severity and length of the symptoms can vary widely from woman to woman and are dependant on a large range of factors from age, to health to diet. Something to keep in mind, if you are truly healthy, if you body is in a non-toxic state and if you eat a proper, well-balanced diet, Menopause should be largely asymptomatic. The discomfort experienced comes from an ill equipped body trying to cope with major hormonal changes. Since menopause isnít an artificial condition, however, it stands to reason that the body would be built to handle the change, and it is, however, toxicity, improper diet and other factors can block the body from being able to handle it as easily as it should be able to.

If you are finding the symptoms of menopause to be unbearable or even uncomfortable, you have a couple of options. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been around for years and is quite popular with both women and men (who use HRT to combat andropause, the male hormonal equivalent of menopause). The problem with HRT, however, is that it has been linked to some cancers, although not conclusively. In other words, it may cause cancer and it may notóbut do you really want to take that risk?

A safer option would be to supplement your diet with a good quality acai product, like that sold by Natural Home Cures. Acai can help to alleviate menopausal symptoms by providing essential micronutrients to the body. Remember I said that only the ill equipped body suffers from the symptoms of menopause?
For many women, years of improper eating have left their body bare of essential micronutrients like potassium, sulphur and magnesium. A decent acai supplement simply restores the proper balance to the body, allowing it to heal itself or, more accurately, giving it the tools to handle the changes taking place.

I said ďgood qualityĒ product for a reason. Poor quality products just wonít give you the punch you need to deal with menopause and, in fact, may make it worse! (due to fillers). Acai sold in liquid form isnít pure acai at all. In order to make it taste good many companies add other fruit juices to the mix. And, in order to keep the juice from spoiling they add stabilizers (usually citric acid). This results in a product thatís high in sugar and full or preservatives which is the absolute last thing an already nutrient deprived body needs!

Always look for acai that is in solid form. As I mentioned above, the product sold by Natural Home Cures is of excellent quality. They sell acai in solid form with nothing added. The benefits of a solid form product are: purity, a non-irradiated product (I can only be sure that Natural Home Curesí products are not irradiated) and ease of use.

Iíve already talked about the fillers that liquid state supplements contain, but even more insidious is the irradiation process that the juice goes through. Since the acai is not juiced in the same country it is picked, it must be irradiated (the process of intentionally exposing something to radiation) in order to kill virusí, bacteria and other pests that would cause disaster if exposed to a new ecosystem. The problem is, this process leaves harmful carcinogens in the fruit which are then passed on to you when the acai is juiced.

Once again, Iíd recommend Natural Home Cures acai supplements over any other brand out there. Itís 100% pure, a fraction of the cost of liquid supplements and much better for you.

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Macro minerals are necessary minerals that are found in both foods and supplements. Most people need high amounts of these minerals, so acai is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you get the necessary amount of macro minerals per day. Potassium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorous are some of the main macro minerals that people don't get enough of. Sulfur can help to improve acne, Magnesium can help women with menopausal complications, and potassium has been known to improve heart health.
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