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Which Of The Three Companies Are You Buying Your Acai From
You have probably noticed that whenever a new product with high profit potential is introduced into the market, a number of people jump into the fray to exploit the situation in unscrupulous ways. This is exactly what has happened to acai berry industry.  There are scores of companies offering acai products out there and all of them fall in one of three categories:

(1) A real scam, run by con artists having no interest in your health only your wallet.

(2) A legitimate company offering acai at surprisingly low prices but never specified the exact percentage of the acai content in the capsule or whether the acai berry capsule has been processed out of spray dried powder or freeze dried powder.

(3) Duly certified and reputable companies that sell pure acai products and you can safely purchase them.

Before I delve into the meat of the matter, do you actually have a clear idea why you are purchasing acai berry products?

Are you ordering the pills just for the sake of being a part of the latest health craze?

Just so you know, the USDA has recently ranked acai as the premier fruit in terms of antioxidant activity. Its potent antioxidant, anthocyanin, has been shown to inhibit and discard cancer cells during a comprehensive clinical test in the University of Florida. Moreover, laboratory tests confirmed that the acai berry contains significant amounts of amino acids, omega fatty acids, Vitamin B and E, calcium, and other trace minerals that are essential for normal cell functioning.

It has likewise been verified that the acai berry has the remarkable ability to prevent diabetes and heart disease. Acai is also renowned for being an effective colon cleanser, anti-aging and weight loss supplement. As a result of these breakthroughs, several television programs and documentaries have started to feature acai as a super food. Consequently, lots of acai berry products have emerged out of nowhere claiming to deliver all the health benefits that this super fruit has to offer. However, only a handful of these products are authentic.

Some of the acai products being marketed today are just mere ‘acai extracts’. This means you are not getting 100% Acai nor all of its health benefits. Also, you are not getting your hard-earned money’s worth.

The primary reason you are taking Acai is to give your body all of its bioactive components that are responsible for Acai’s amazing health benefits. Indicating that a product is simply an extract is not dubious in itself. However, you are not aware of the processing or the extraction technique that has been used to obtain such Acai extract.

The bioactive components that I had mentioned are compounds which means that they are subject to chemical reaction or modification in their structure once they are subjected to erroneous extraction methods. Even the simplest alteration in their composition can make them lose their bioactive properties. This is the primary reason why freeze-dried Acai is your best shot at obtaining 100% Acai since it does not entail any complex or elaborate processing techniques to obtain it’s bioactive components.  This method is more expensive and difficult but results in a fresher, more potent acai supplement that only Natural Home Cures offers.

Even worse, are Acai products that add fillers and stimulants instead of real Acai berries. A filler is basically a fiber or any other ingredient added to a product to provide bulk. In short, they are useless and you get nothing out of them. Stimulants, as the name suggests may give you the wrong impression that you feel better or you feel energized –because that’s precisely what they’re designed to do but the effects are fleeting and you may even get addicted or dependent on them. You know what? Sip a cup of coffee and you’ll likely experience the same effect!  This is another reason why many Acai products are being sold at insanely low prices, it’s because they are basically public hogwash with hidden phishing tactics underneath!

Other companies tend to stuff their Acai products with as much ‘healthy’ ingredients as possible. There are two possible explanations why they resort to this practice. They either don’t know exactly what they are doing or they just want to make their product appear and sound effective by loading their products with as many ingredients as possible – many of which have not been duly tested or proven to have health benefits.

In general, the effectiveness of any dietary supplement depends largely on its ingredients. Unfortunately, most Acai berry supplements suffer from stuffing too many ingredients into the pill. Remember that Acai berries are beneficial enough on their own and including an array of other ingredients simply dilutes the potency of the Acai berry, making it less effective. If there are Acai supplements that are quite cheap, there are also those that are outrageously expensive and this is precisely the reason for that – too many non-essential ingredients. 

So the next time you purchase acai, ask yourself this question:

“Does the acai you buy contain any extracts, fillers, stimulants, or burns?”
If it does, you may want to look for a more reputable provider that only offers 100% Genuine, Free Dried, Organic acai. The same acai offered to all Natural Home Cures Clients.

Acai 'Free Trial' Scam Offers: The Anatomy Of The Scam & How To Avoid Them

Message From Attorney General's Office:
Acai Berry Investigation - Improper Credit Card Charges & Weight Loss Claims

Scams are common and somewhat ubiquitous on the Internet, especially in the acai market. And while some of these 'free offer' scams are quickly found by authorities, often times they open back up under a different business name within hours of being shut down.

Let's get more familiar with the anatomy of the 'free trial acai' scam. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. First, you receive an enticing offer to try a new acai product in which all you have to pay for is the shipping and handling (a nominal cost). During sign up, you are presented with other offers such as paid magazine subscriptions, a paid membership to the site (which should be your first warning), free upgraded acai products and/or almost anything else under the sun. Once you've completed the necessary steps, which include providing your credit card number, the steel-cage door is shut, so to speak, and you're locked into the scam. This is where the nightmare begins.

Now, you know that given the terms of your agreement, if you don't cancel within 30 days you'll be charged for the next months' subscription. Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel. You look for an email address, telephone number or any other contact information only to find that all you have is a company name, website address, and physical post office box location.

However, being Internet savvy, you know that you can find the information you need by going to the Internet Domain Registry and doing a search for the domain name but once again you will have reached a dead end; when you get to the domain registry you will find that the web site address is unlisted. The only real way to get the information is to either be in law enforcement or know someone who is.

Once you have the contact information of the company (however it is that you get it) you'll likely find an “out of service” message when you try to call them. If you're enough lucky to get a live person on the phone you'll be put on hold and transferred from one person to another like a ping-pong ball until you give up and, in the end, wind up with some hefty phone charges for your trouble.

You now realize that phoning is just a waste of time and you decide to file a dispute with your bank. This could take ages before anything gets resolved because the banks themselves can’t trace and/or verify transactions from these bogus companies. Finally, out of sheer frustration and disgust, you decide to cancel your credit card. All the while, your credit card is being charged multiple times because you're locked into a subscription and you end up paying 4 or even 5 times the price that you would have if you had just purchased Natural Home Cures Acai.

Moving forward, the whole ordeal has taken about three months to 'fix' and you're stuck with at least two months worth of product that you can't return. Since you can't get your money back you decide that you may as well consume the product you've purchased but to your dismay you learn that the supplement you paid so much for is inferior and the actual acai content is almost non-existent!

That’s how these scammers make their money, by selling cheap products and locking you into subscription plans. This happens more often with acai juice than it does with pills because with the juice you only need to add water to dilute it and unless you have access to a product testing laboratory (which few people do) you will never know if you're drinking over-priced water or a acai supplement.

So how do you know which companies won't scam you? First off, never believe those 'free offers'. We all know that nothing in life is truly free. Natural Home Cures does not offer free acai. Instead, our acai is priced below our closest competitor's product (as you will learn in a few minutes).

The second thing you need to look for is how long the company has been in business. A company which is not above-board will be here today and gone tomorrow. They will have no proven history of how long they have been in business for because most of them will be less than a year old.

The third thing to look for is how prominently contact details are displayed on their website. Is there a mailing address and a working telephone number that you yourself have verified?

Natural Home Cures has been in business for 5 years and our contact information is prominently displayed on almost every page of our website. In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you'll see just what I'm talking about.

The fourth thing you should make sure to look for is if the company lets you buy their product as you need it or are you are forced into paying a monthly charge for your acai 'subscription'. Alternatively, the site may automatically renew your order every month but not officially lock you into a monthly contract: either 'choice' should be considered unacceptable.

Natural Home Cures only offers a “buy as needed” option with our products: you are never locked into a fixed recurring monthly charge.

The last thing to look for is the companies' money back policy. Most companies typically offer you only 30 days from the date of purchase to return your product. This means that by the time you receive the first order your return window will have already expired. Returning the product under the best of circumstances, of course, hinges on you being lucky enough to find the companies' contact details.

Natural Home Cures differentiates itself from its competition by offering you the longest money back guarantee in the industry: we let you try our product for up to 4 months.

The sad truth is, most companies that offer free trial acai supplements are scammers. They just want your credit card number in order to lock you into a monthly subscription that, if you'd read all the fine-print, you wouldn't have signed up for in the first place. They sell inferior products and don't care about your health or well-being. Natural Home Cures is different: our product is made from 100% acai pericarp (the rind of the fruit) which is where all the beneficial compounds are found. Our drying process preserves all those healthful compounds and we sell the end result to you at a fair price. There's no paying for water with us, with Natural Home Cures all you pay for is pure, dried acai. Don't believe me? Look us up, read our testimonials section or better yet call us with any questions that you might have. I think you'll find our reputation for selling top qualities products at competitive prices is well deserved and if you're not satisfied with our product simply send it back. No contracts. No fuss. No questions asked.

From News 10: Consumers Claim They Were Duped By Diet Pill Trial Offer.
This 4 ½ minute news segment deals with the acai industry's latest scams and how to avoid them. 

Note: While watching this video, look at those scammers run away when the news team catches up to them….It’s hilarious!

Brazil is the largest suppliers of acai fruit in the world, and is also one of the biggest users of pesticides.  Most of the pesticides are imported;
73% fall into the WHO hazard categories I:   Ia - extremely hazardous or  Ib - highly hazardous.
A further 33% are category II - moderately hazardous.

The three main insecticides in use are the organophosphates monocrotophos, methamidophos, and methyl parathion, all contain cancer causing and other diseased pathogens.  If a human consumes these pathogens over an extended period of time they will contract the cancer or other airborne diseases and the results could be quite deadly. 

Before you purchase a liquid acai or any other acai product for that matter, ask yourself this question?
"How clean is the manufacturing and warehouse and does the acai I consume, contain pesticides?

In fact we pride ourselves on these facts alone as why would anyone market a product that does not contain quality standards all the way through from the harvesting to end consumer marketing. 

Our acai is grown on one large acai berry farm in Brazil.  It’s grown without chemicals (with no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers).  The acai berries are processed with cleanliness in mind and are certified by Biodynamic Institute Of Rural Development in Botucatu San Paulo, who is recognized by the International Federation Of Organic Agricultural Movement.  This is in addition to the certification given by the Association Of Organic Agriculture (AAO) located in Sao Paulo

With our product, you can rest assured that no pesticides are being sprayed on the berries and that the processing of our acai product is of highest quality.

So the next time you think about purchasing your liquid acai or any other acai product for that matter.  Ask yourself this question. "Does the acai your consuming come with any dirty secrets?"

Acai Crop                     Acai Sortation Plant                  Acai Dried Powder       
Acai Harvest Crop                      Sorting, Cleaning and Peeling                Acai Powder

Acai Machine Left:  This is our crushing and encapsulating machine.  It takes the acai from above, crushes it down to a powder then encapsulates it into bottles.

Right: The bottles then pass through a labeling machine where a final inspection of the product is carried out before you receive the Natural Home Cures Acai product
Acai Bottling

  (To view the NHC Acai product label click here,   a new browser/window will open.)

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