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I am taking your Natural Home Cures Acai and Mangosteen for Preventative Maintenance and I must say I am very happy with Natural Home Cures and the way your products promote overall health.
Anne M. Walsh of Bosque New Mexico

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Acai Berry Asthma Testimonials

My 10-year-old son has had asthma for most of his life. Never being able to be too far from his inhaler has put a lot of inconvenience on his childhood.

We have tried several things that helped with his condition but with not much long-term success. He constantly avoided most activities and even had difficulty when he laughed or cried.

We heard about the acai 6 months ago from a friend of the family. We put my son on it and within the first two months we noticed he could go long and longer without his inhaler.  His overall health has improved in such a short time and his asthma, although not gone completely is only a fraction as bad as it was. Rarely does he need his inhaler now!

Randy Weibe, Brooklyn New York

Asthma: "I have been taking acai since March 2007. My symptoms started to get better as early as the first week.  My Asthma is almost gone. I rarely use my inhaler now.
Alicia from California

Asthma: "I have had Asthma my whole life and I especially feel it when its cold outside and then I came in from the cold I would feel it like a death grip.  I began taking the product, as was told it had anti-inflammatory properties. I was hoping that it would help. I started taking acai daily. After two months I felt dramatic improves from my Asthma.  This product has saved my life dramatically.
Clarence Foster, Halifax Nova Scotia

Acai Berry Arthritis Testimonials

"My left knee has almost no cartilage in it and two years ago I injured my other knee.  I was waddling like a duck and the doctor said I should have both knees replaced. Also I have a bad shoulder, and could not lift my arms.  Even when I was taking anti-inflammatory, prescription pain drugs and 2,000 mg. a day of Tylenol, I could barely function.  In short life was going down hill to the point I was getting depressed and pretty much thought of ending it all.

Within a month of taking acai I was pain free and most of my medications I no longer needed my medication after taking them for 20 years.  I now have the full range of motion in my shoulder with no pain at all

I also have far more energy, mental awareness, and feeling refreshed."
Irene Smith, Houston Texas

"I was diagnosed with childhood arthritis over 45 years ago, I have suffered with joint pains, had replacement hips and very badly degenerative damage in my feet, ankles and knees.  I have had tremendous pain with doing physical activity.  I have been consuming acai for a couple of weeks and in that time the swelling of my feet and ankles had disappeared and so has most of the pain.  I do not ever remember feeling pain free like this ever."
Ted Allison, Idaho Falls Idaho

"I've been consuming acai since Oct-07 and I didn't feel anything great happening right away.  After my second month my hands, fingers, and wrists being totally free of my arthritic pain. As a newspaper editor, I’m on the computer all of the time. This made a huge difference in my daily living."
Beverly Turner, Winnipeg Manitoba

For the past 5 years, I've tried in vain to reduce high cholesterol with diet and exercise. And to control post-surgery back pain, I've spent several months using 2000 mg. a day of Ibuprofen. On Nov. 4, my cholesterol total was 295. By Dec 16, it was 230, down by 65 points! The ONLY change I made was starting to consume acai twice a day. Here are the other results: Triglycerides 326 to 132, LDL 208 to 81, and HDL 42 to 43
Scott Furber, Edmonton Alberta

Acai Berry Diabetes Testimonials

Two years ago, I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic with the A-1 blood test (90-day-average blood sugar analysis) at a too-high level of 7.9. Even with the prescribed Metaformin, 850 mg. twice daily, a year later this test was still at 7. I'd run out of my prescription around the time I began consuming acai and didn't refill it. About 90 days later, my doctor did another A-1 test and was stunned at the lab report--my reading was at 5.9! He said he had no idea what I was doing but urged me to keep it up. Now, some 3 months after I began consuming acai, my daily blood sugar readings are consistently below 100.
Andrew Coleman, Cape Cod

I am 32 now, 5 years ago, began losing the feeling in my hands and feet, it was hard to balance myself while walking.  I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and had probably had it for 5-6 years. I began taking acai and in less than 60 days I had regained the feelings in my feet and hands.  Walking is natural and easy and I will never be without my acai.
Scott Hubert, Orlando Florida

Pregnancy and increased energy
I am 28 weeks pregnant and have been taking the acai product for just over three weeks.  I have noticed I am instantly sleeping better and have far more energy. I don't have the constant tiredness from being pregnant anymore. People are always commenting on how good I look and that I am bubbling.
Debbie McFadden, Toronto Canada

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
22 years ago I suffered a stroke that left me paralyzed down my left side; I fortunately got my movement back but for years I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Since starting acai, my energy levels have picked up and my short-term memory has improved. I also have a bad back and after taking acai, I cannot say my back pain is completely gone but its far more comfortable and getting around is effortless.
Neil Williams, Toledo Ohio

Energy For Squash/Tennis
I love taking acai prior to playing squash and tennis. I usually play for around 4 hours at a time. With acai, my instincts and reaction are much faster, sharper and better, which allows me to perform at a top level even after 4 hours.  With acai, I continue to feel hydrated and extremely focused.
Todd Lucas, Edmonton Alberta
Energy For Soccer
I play soccer almost daily and I take acai before each game. Playing in the midfield means I run a lot. Before using acai, I couldn't play at a high level for a whole game but now it is no problem. With acai, I not only have tons of energy during the games but even after! I love the fact that it provides a ton of antioxidants and is 100% all-natural.
Kate Coleman, Fort Nelson British Columbia

Being an ex-leukemia patient, I was looking for something to boost my immune system, provide more restful sleep and prevent myself from catching illnesses. The one thing that attracted me to the Natural Home Cures products were your products were all natural with no colors, dyes, or fillers. Through the use of your product I find that my sleep quality is better, my bowel movements improved (but I would like to see further improvement), sense of well being is improved, and appear to catch fewer colds and or viral diseases. From an ex-cancer patient view, that is amazing and the quality of life is much more enjoyable.

I'm so very grateful for Natural Home Cures, acai and mangosteen capsules. These products are such a blessing. The staff has gone above and beyond to make my experience with the company and products a joy. Sally, the Project Manager, is nothing short of awesome!

Martin BJ Boersma,
Grand Rapida Michigan
"I would like to thank you for acai. Since using it I have felt so much better. My upper back which had four fractures caused by osteo, is very much relieved, and just last weekend I could hardly walk with the pain in my hip, but after taking acai for about a month I walked back home with no pain whatsoever. My general well-being has really improved."
Ken Dover, Kent Michigan

"My doctor stated I have had a very minor increase in bone density after just 3 months of acai use.  I had been working on improving my bone density since 1998 by doing weight bearing exercises and balancing my mineral levels but my density continued to slide.  When I added the acai to my diet I reversed the loss and have started gaining bone density."
Nadine Williams, Toronto Canada

"I can hardly believe it! My spinal pain is almost gone to which I battled over 30 years and numerous therapies have not been successful. I do not expect acai to change my deformities or restore the 3 inches in height that I have lost but the relief from pain is almost gone.  I drive more comfortably. I'm more relaxed. I intend to use acai for the rest of my life!"
Heather Rouster, Buffalo New York

I was rather upset in recent years that the backs of my hands had developed a lot of freckles--I hate calling them “age/liver spots!” My other “aging” issue has been knuckles growing slightly larger (no pain!) and favorite rings no longer able to slip on. Because I've always had high energy and good health, I didn't expect to experience any dramatic health changes when I began consuming acai about 3 months ago.  It was nice to see my hair and nails growing much faster, but not until this morning did I notice that the dreaded freckles are gone.  God only knows what other great things are happening inside my body!

Psoriasis is gone!
For the past 30 years, I've suffered from psoriasis on the back of my neck, my elbows and inside my ears. I visited a dermatologist every 6 months to refill prescriptions for creams, gels & shampoos that helped control the flaking, but never cleared up the scarring and itching. I began consuming acai twice a day and after 3 weeks to my surprise the psoriasis was completely cleared up! I've applied no meds whatsoever and the psoriasis continues to stay clear!

"For the last two years, I've been using reading glasses for everything. I play the organ at my church and I always needed my glasses for that. After taking acai for only a month I started to see major changes in my vision.  I took off my glasses while sitting at the church organ and played for more than two hours non-stop.  I could read, and see every note like never before."
Reed Milhouse, Red Deer Alberta

"I am 73 years old and have been wearing glasses for most of the time since I was 27.  I've been taking acai for a little over 2 months and I have really noticed a major change in my vision.  I can see road signs more easily as well as smaller print on the TV. My peripheral vision is better and colors seem more vibrant and clear especially while seeing in the dark."
Karl Stoffer, Houston Texas

"I saw dramatic results after only a month of consuming acai. I went down to a lower prescription, which I had been using six years ago. I used to feel desperation about my vision. Thank to acai, my
eye muscles, focusing ability, eye coordination, memory, and ability to visualize have been strengthened. My vision is more relaxed and images are sharper and clearer.
Karen Furber, Fabens TX

"About 3 weeks ago, I developed a nagging toothache in a lower right tooth that had been crowned years ago. I began taking Alleve to help with the pain--the first dental appointment I could get was one week away. When the day arrived, the dentist took X-rays, told me there was an infection in the root and referred me to a specialist.

That evening, I began taking acai twice a day. The specialist appointment was set for two weeks later. When the dreaded day came, I settled into the chair, not looking forward to the next hour or two. When I walked back into the waiting room just minutes later, I was elated, and my wife was stunned. The dentist had taken another X-ray, found NO sign of any infection and said there was NO need for a root canal!

The only change in my daily regimen has consuming acai without fail. It appears the infection was no match for acai."
Chris Sobert, Ottawa Ontario

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