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Weight Loss Testimonials
These testimonials are just some of many that we get everyday about our Natural Home Cures Mangosteen product.

"I have been taking mangosteen for a week. I have to say its a wonderful product. I only needed to lose seven pounds as my clothes were getting really tight and mangosteen did the trick. Since I am an athlete, I stopped my training for a week and just went out for walks. I felt cleansed and energized. I now follow a low fat and balanced diet for maintenance. I didn't lose as much as many might, but mangosteen is a wonderful product."
Jeff Howard of Albany New York

"I was in bad shape at 265lbs, I had no energy, felt terrible and could not even bend over to tie my shoes because of the pressure of my weight was unbearable. Many told me I should look at surgery to reduce my size but I did not want to go to those drastic extremes. As you can imagine, I also had great muscle and joint pain. Before, my diet had been almost all carbs with no real nutrition going into my body, which meant I was both overweight and malnourished.

After taking mangosteen for 4 months I have lost over 45 lbs, my joint and muscle pain is diminishing and I am starting to feel more and more energized."
Alan Thorton of  Salt Lake City Utah

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