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There are 56 varieties of Angelica and mostly the root and seeds of the plant are used for medical purposes, since they contain the most active compounds. It can grow to 8 feet high with bright green leaves that are made up of three finely toothed leaflets with ribbed hallow stems with purple to yellow coloration. 

Angelica will only grow in warms area that contain rich soil.  The leaves that have a celery type taste are used in salads and to flavor fish meals by leaf wrapping or paste and it acts as a preservative because of its antibacterial effects.

The seed of the plant are used to make a type of liqueur called Vespetro. It was the main herbal remedy used throughout the middle-ages to combat the plague.

Medical Uses
Loss of Appetite, Stomach cramps, inflammation or Indigestion reliever: Take 5 to 10 drops of tincture made from the root in 1 cup of water, 30 minutes before meals. Bronchitis, coughing relief and immune system enhancer: 2 to 3 drops of tincture made from the plants root in the mouth and swallow every 1 to 2 hours. It has an antimicrobial and smoothing effect to the nasal and mucus membranes of the mouth, throat and lungs.

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