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Indigenous to Turkey but grown worldwide, it grows up to 60 cm in height. Only the seeds from the fruit are used in whole for its oil or ground into a powder. The fruits are covered with short hairs with each fruit containing two dark seeds with light ribs. The aniseed seeds are often used in confectionery and used to flavor some food and drinks. 

Pimpinella and Illicium verum (Chinese star anise) should not be confused with Japanese star anise (Illicium lanceolatum), which is poisonous.

Medical Uses
Chest tightness, Bronchitis, Tracheitis or a Mild Asthma Attack reliever: Drinking Concentrated aniseed oil of 4 drops in warm water or regular infusion tea made from the dried seeds or fruits of the plant and drink when needed. 
Expectorant for hacking coughs and catarrh chew and swallow up to a dozen seeds at a time or take infusion tea as needed.

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