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Bilberry is a blueberry with a creamy white inside related to the cranberries and huckleberry family.  Often found in the meadows of Europe, Western Asia, and the Rocky Mountains of North America. It contains no known side effects of long-term uses and is a flavonoid-like antioxidant and anthocyanosides, Vitamin A, C and E and trace elements. 

Medical Uses
Diarrhea preventative: Leaves boiled as a tea and sipped during the day.

Improve varicose veins and other circulatory problems:
Eating the fresh raw berries daily or take a bilberry extract of about 80-100 mg twice daily or consume half a teaspoon of liquid extract daily. 

Improve night vision as well as prevent and treat macular degeneration and cataracts: Eat daily a handful of raw berries or as a jam spread, or about 80-100 mg extract twice daily or half teaspoon liquid extract daily. It is said to improve the eye veins and oxygen in the blood of the eyes. Its a fact that night blindness is from the lack of Vitamin A. 

Peptic Ulcer treatment: Take 20 to 40g of condensed juice daily. 

Diabetes Mellitus treatment: Take 80-160mg extract 3 times a day.

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