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Carrots originated in Afghanistan around 1000 ad; however they were yellow and purple color variety and were not spread to Europe and China until the 1300’s. White carrot appeared in 1700’s and it wasn’t until 1750s the orange carrots were developed from cross breeding in The Netherlands and now is the most eaten and recognized carrot today.

The orange carrots have a better sweet taste and also beta-carotene making it healthier then other varieties. One square meter of land produces enough carotene for an adult ‘vitamin A’ needs for one whole year. 

 ‘Vitamin A’ deficiency is common in the modern world; as not enough plants containing it are consume especially with growing consumption of fast foods and foods made up mostly of protein, fats and carbohydrates. 

Carrot juice is a good source of potassium and vitamin B6, vitamin C, as well as beta-carotene, manganese and thiamine. Vitamin A is produced by the human body, breaking the beta-carotene down. 

Over-consumption of carotenes or carrots can give the skin an orange tone but it’s not harmful. 
Carrot juice will also increase blood pressure, so if you have high blood pressure you should avoid drinking juice concentrates but instead moderately eat the whole carrot in salads.

Medical Uses
Slimming and Health boost properties and aid to Increase Blood Pressure: Juiced raw and only drink for one whole day for your main meals with no other food. Only do this once a week with a proper diet of balanced meals on the other days of the week.

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