Cold & Flus

The key to stopping a cold dead in its tracks is to pay attention to early symptoms. Go to Cold Symptoms to understand early warning signs.  

A good cold remedy focuses on three key factors: Boosting the weakened immune system, avoiding foods that promote the replication of the cold viruses, easing the nasty symptoms that disrupt rest and make you feel lousy.
Let’s begin with the immune system:  Your body is truly wonderfully made. It has been designed with a complex security system of guarding itself that is second to none. But we all take this magnificent security system for granted. We run on three hours of sleep, eat tons of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and think nothing of getting incensed when someone cuts in front of us in traffic. We tax our bodies over nothing. In short, we are our worst enemy. The damage begins within us, making us vulnerable to outside enemies. One of the enemies that we wish geneticists could eliminate is the virulent set of viruses that causes the miserable common cold. 

We have to pay attention to the common cold for two important reasons: 

It is a clear sign that our immune system is down and, therefore, we are vulnerable to anything else, including cancer, taking a greater foothold in our bodies. (Our immune system tracks down and kills, on average, about 175-200 cancer cells daily before they can take a foothold.) More serious infections may be lurking about to attack us (meningitis, West Nile virus, influenzas) 

A common cold can also spread to our sinuses causing a painful sinus infection, or to our ears and cause painful earaches, or to our lungs and set us up for pneumonia. We are looking, at least, two weeks of misery.