Convulsions are non-voluntary contractions (single or in a series) of the voluntary muscles caused by sudden uncontrolled changes in the electrical activity of the brain.

Febrile seizures (twitching, jerking convulsion associated with loss of consciousness in a child with a rapidly rising fever and often due to infections such as middle ear or tonsillitis) are a type of convulsion that is common in children between six months and five years old and tend to run in families. They are usually not serious, even though they are frightening, and occur in one out of every twenty children. For safety`s sake, these too should be brought to the attention of your physician.


Convulsion symptoms may be mild, characterized only by a slight muscle twitch and tingling, or violent and severe, characterized by jerking whole-body movements and accompanying intense feelings of fear, possible hallucinations, and sometimes a lapse of consciousness (a grand mal seizure). Seizures that reoccur are called epilepsy.

Convulsions or seizures may be caused by many medical problems, including stroke, brain tumor, withdrawal from alcohol and drugs (including prescription drugs), metabolic disturbances, neurological disorders, and trauma from a head injury. All such factors must be ruled out or addressed before convulsive tendencies can be properly treated.

*If you or your loved ones are experiencing convulsions, seek immediate medical attention.


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