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Ginger Root
Anti-viral and flu or appetite loss or indigestion remedy: Brewed as a tea, it induces sweating, which helps fevers run their course. It also tones and helps boost the immune system. Fresh ginger grated into hot lemon and honey is a soothing way to fight off colds and discharge mucus. 

Infusion: Pour boiling water over 1 gram of the chopped root, steep for 5 minutes, and strain.
You can also brew ginger beer (also known as root beer in America), and drink 300-500ml a day to ease indigestion. The active bug in the mix is a good bio aid 

Advised not to take while pregnant, such as morning sickness, and high doses (6 grams or more at one time) may damage the stomach lining and could eventually lead to ulcers. Allergic skin reactions are also possible, but in recommended doses, Ginger causes no side effects.

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