A good home remedy for hemorrhoids focuses on pain relief and understanding the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. Most hemorrhoids can be cured with laser surgery, but for many people, this is not an affordable option. 

Hemorrhoids are really varicose veins that swell to cause severe pain and itching. Itching is a mild form of pain. Hemorrhoids occur in an area of the rectum called the hemorrhoidal plexus. The hemorrhoidal plexus is a complex interlacing network of blood vessels that are responsible for drainning blood and fluids away from the rectum. 

Most people think of varicose veins as developing in the legs, where life-threatening clots can form. Well, clots can form in the varicose veins (hemorrhoids) in the rectum also and cause excruciating pain and swelling. When a clot occurs in the rectum, a doctor can lance the clot in his/her office giving the patient almost immediate relief.