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A common Indian tree that grows to 30 feet and has small three-celled capsular fruits which are densely covered with a reddish-brown powder. The powder can be rubbed off and then sifted to a finely ground powder to be used as an herbal medication for various conditions.

Medical Uses

Tapeworm Treatment: The Kamala’s red powder can be taken internally - one teaspoon mixed with honey so it’s easy to swallow and then drink a glass of water. Take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Tapeworms are dangerous, especially since they can enter the blood stream and settle and grow in a person’s brain, eventually killing them. This treatment should only be used for adults and pets. Tapeworm eggs are found in raw meats and fish, so make sure food is well cooked. Worms are more common in the tropical areas of the world and Asia.

For Scabies, Wildfire and similar Skin eruptions, rubbing the powder on the affected area is an effective solution

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