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Being a common weed in arable land normally in open fields or roadsides. It grows in variable sizes with straight stems that produce seeds. It contains flavonoids together with soluble silicate acid and tannins that act as diuretic, and can cause a small reduction of blood sugar concentration.

Medical Uses
Kidney and bladder stones as well Diarrhoea, bleeding piles, haemorrhages and blood sugar thinner.  Drinking an infusion tea of 2 teaspoon of fresh diced plant stems in 1 cup of boiled water, steeped for 10 minutes, taken 3 times daily.

Intestinal Worm treatment: A decoction made from cut fresh herb taken 30 minutes after meals. 
Nose Bleeds and skin sores: The fresh juice squirted up the nose or rubbed on affect skin sore.

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