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It has pale-green leaves and golden orange flowers. They are an unusually a "hardy" plant and can flourish in mild to cooler temperatures, as long as adequate sunlight is given. Marigold is also known by the names Pot Marigold, Mary Gowles, Mary Bud, Calendula, Holigold, and Golds.  A yellow dye has also been extracted from the flower, by boiling.

Medical Uses
Skin Rashes and warts removal treatment and bee and wasp stings pain reducing: Rubbing the leaves or flowers to release the saps on the affected area. Also adding to a warm or hot bath and soaking the skin. Weak solution can be used on babies’ rashes but great care not to allow baby to drink. A tincture made from the flowers and leaves, and applying drops on the affected skin is also very good. Adults can eat the leaves as a salad. Although is generally used externally.

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