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Vertigo is a condition that causes feelings of being off-balance due to a sensation that the individual is moving around in space or that the room and objects in it are moving around the individual.

Attacks of vertigo usually come on suddenly and are accompanied by difficulty walking and feeling dizzy or faint. Other symptoms can include nausea, a general ill sensation, and pallor (losing color, turning white).

Types: There are two types of vertigo: Subjective Vertigo, is characterized by a feeling that the person is moving around in space, and Objective Vertigo, in which rooms and objects appear to be swirling around the person.

Vertigo is caused by disturbances within the equilibratory system - ears, inner ear canals, the cranial nerves servicing the ears, the associated brain parts, and the eyes. The system is disturbed due to mild stress on the cranial nerves, middle ear infections, shingles, inflammation of the ear canals, obstruction in an ear tube, a tumor, or a nerve inflammation. All of these factors must be screened for and addressed before lasting relief from vertigo symptoms can be achieved.

Note: Vertigo can be an indication of a variety of other health problems. Prolonged or severe attacks of vertigo require immediate medical attention.