Stye Treatment
Diet: Eat an organic, whole foods diet that is high in garlic. Avoid all refined sugars, alcohol, and milk and dairy products, as well as any foods to which you may be allergic or sensitive.

Herbs: Use an eye wash made from a fresh and well-filtered infusion of eyebright and goldenseal. Also drink red raspberry tea.

Homeopathy: Useful homeopathic remedies include Pulsatilla, Hepar sulph., Sulfur, and Graphites.

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is the application of water, ice, steam and hot and cold temperatures to maintain and restore health. Treatments include full body immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz baths, colonic irrigation and the application of hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is effective for treating a wide range of conditions and can easily be used in the home as part of a self-care program. Many Naturopathic Physicians, Physical Therapists and Day Spas use Hydrotherapy as part of treatment. We suggest several at-home hydrotherapy treatments. Please seek the advice of your alternative health care practitioner before undergoing these procedures to make sure they are appropriate for you.

Nutritional Supplementation: Take mycelized vitamin A in therapeautic doses 100,000 IU for the first two days, and then reduce to 50,000 IU the next two days, and then a preventive dose, 5,000 IU for the next week. Also include beta carotene and vitamin C as part of your daily nutritional supplement program.

Topical Treatment: Bathe your eye in a solution of chamomile or red raspberry tea.

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