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Used in Germany for hundreds of years where the flowering heads are used in many remedies. Arnica is a perennial plant often called leopard's bane. The arnica plant has bright yellow, daisy-like flowers, with a brown colored horizontally branched rootstock, which sends up a slightly hairy, simple branched stem that reaches a height of 1 to 2 feet. 

The internal use of Arnica is not recommended. It can cause vomiting, weakness, increased heart rate, heart damage, nervous disturbances. In some cases it has caused death from poisoning from over prolonged uses.

Medical Uses
Inflammation of the veins, varicose veins and thrombosis treatment: Combining the flower heads with Yarrow and St. Johns Wort and drink as a standard tea. Soak equal amounts of herb in 1 cup of warm water for 15 minutes. 
If using dried herb then 1 teaspoon of dried flowers with 1/2 cup boiled water and steep for 10 minutes. It will also have a diuretic action producing more urine. It stimulates the activity of white blood cells that perform much of the digestion of congested blood cells in the body and veins. 

Helps heals dried wounds, bruises, arthritis, Gout, and skin and joint irritations: A tincture made from the flowers of 1 to 2 teaspoons to 1 cup alcohol left for 5 days, strained and then take 5 to 10 drops added to 1 cup of warm water and then rubbed on to the affected area.  Used in weak solution as concentrate can cause inflammation and blisters. Never use on open wet deep wound.

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