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Native to South America there are several varieties, including the sugar beet, white beet and the red beet. Sugar beet, and white beet were derived from the red garden variety. 

If you have high blood pressure do not drink beet juice as it will increase blood pressure. 

Medical Uses
General immune and lymph node system enhancer, reduces skin problems, enhances circulatory system, reduces headaches and cleans the liver. Daily take about 50-60ml of beetroot juice mixed with equal amounts of carrot juice on a empty stomach is beneficial for improving the person's health and skin tone. 

White beet juice is a good liver cleanser and digestion enhancer, with a reduction in headaches and eye problems through improved blood flow and vein repair. White beet juice is better at treating skin problems. 
The red beet juice used to treat blood flux and yellow jaundice.

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