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Body Odor
The most common cause of body odor is poor hygiene and uncleanliness. Sweat has no odor but, if left on the skin for a few hours, bacteria decompose the sweat. This can cause body odor. The next most common cause is sweat containing a high level of garlic, curry, or other spicy food. However, when a person is very healthy, usually the foods can be eaten without lasting odor effects. Other causes of body odor include nutrient deficiencies (usually zinc), underlying health problems (usually liver disease or diabetes), or gastrointestinal problems (such as parasites or chronic constipation).

Your feet can be most affected due to the warm, airless environment insides shoes, boots, and sneakers, so check the condition of your feet and footwear. Also, consider excessive caffeine consumption or emotional stress, which can influence body odors.