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Cuts, Grazes & Fungal Infections treatment: Pulped Cabbage Leaves (Poultices) applied to the wound for days, weeks or months, reapplying fresh leaves when needed, it is also advised before hand to clean wound with concentrated milk whey called Molkosan, which is naturally fermented, anti fungal, concentrated whey. It is extremely acidic and antiseptic. Ideal for inhibiting bacterial and fungal infections. 

Headaches reliever: Applying a poultice made from mashed onions and some mashed cabbage leaves placed inside a cabbage leaf to the back of head allowing the chemicals to be absorbed through the skin and the slight fermentation process giving a warming effect will increase the blood flow around the neck to the brain. 

Calcium Deficiency and Brittle Nails treatment: Eat raw cabbage leaves mixed with raw carrot as a salad are ideal in calcium replacement, as they are high in calcium and quickly absorbed by the body and a healthier way to boost levels normally, plus they are easy to consume as a daily meal.

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