Everybody hates cellulite! And contrary to popular belief, both men and women get cellulite. Men mostly accumulate it on their stomachs, and women have a tendency to accumulate it on their abdomens and thighs, especially on the back of the thighs. 

What exactly is cellulite? And how does a person develop cellulite?
Cellulite is that bumpy, molted look that skin develops when the circulatory and elimination processes of the body get clogged up with toxins and unmetabolized fats. These poisons damage the connective tissue beneath the skin and produce little pockets, which is why once the cellulite processes begins… more cellulite is easily accumulated.  

Most people try to tackle cellulite on a superficial basis, i.e., body wraps, Dead Sea salt scrubs, and mud baths and are most effective when combined with INTERNAL measures, which are designed to dislodge the unmetabolized fats and toxins, which are trapped in the connective tissue cells. 

So before I tell you what my cellulite remedy is, I need to forewarn you that if you keep doing the following things….you will have unsightly cellulite the rest of your life (barring plastic surgery). 

Smoking: The fastest way to promote cellulite is to smoke. There are enough poisons in the world… why put 1500 different chemicals in your blood with every puff? Most of which are cancer causing? 

Eat junk food on a continual basis:  Most junk food is loaded with trans fats that do not metabolize (break down) well in the body. Unmetabolized fats are the chief component of ugly cellulite. Stay away from twinkies, store bought cookies, fast food, and candy. The fats found in these foods are DEADLY! However, start eating fresh vegetables, or fresh, raw fruit and most importantly start exercising