Defective Vision
Defective vision is a common problem. The main reasons for eye defects are reading in bad light, excessive reading, reading in moving vehicles, watching too much television, seeing too many films, and eating artificial food. The popular belief that the use of spectacles can rectify all cases of defective vision is based on the assumption that such defects are caused by permanent changes in the eyes. This assumption is not correct as defective vision results from functional derangements which can be rectified by simple natural methods of treatment.

Persons who are prescribed glasses are told that they should avoid taking them off because of the danger of eye strain and that they should always look straight through the centre of the lens.

So when looking in other directions they do not move their eyeballs and eye muscles as is natural, but instead, move the head up and down or sideways. Thus, constant use of glasses throws the whole natural process of vision out of order and causes ‘parking’ of the eyes. Gradually, the muscles of the eyes degenerate through non-use. Moreover, the use of glasses results in a reduction of blinking which is a movement intended to assist and preserve eyesight. Wearing glasses for many years’ results in stiff, dull looking eyes without any sparkle.

The three chief causes of defective vision are a mental strain, wrong diet and improper blood and nerve supply.

According to Dr. W.H. Bates, the founder of revolutionary methods of eye treatment considers mental strain to be the cause of all defects of vision, which puts a corresponding physical strain on the eyes, their muscles and nerves. In his opinion, the lesser defects are mainly due to mental strain owing to over work, fear, anxiety, etc. In pursuance of this theory, Dr. Bates has concentrated his efforts on methods of treatment which will remove the condition of mental strain.

Wrong Diet:  The eye is a part of the body and as such must share in any condition affecting the system. Most of the diseases affecting the eyes are symptoms of a general toxemic condition of the body due mainly to excessive starch, sugar and protein ingestion.

The muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes share in the clogging process taking place over the body due to improper metabolism caused by an imbalanced and too-concentrated diet.

Improper blood and nerve supply: The eyes need to be properly supplied with blood and nerve force for proper vision. Any factor capable of interfering either with the blood vessels or with the nerves of the eyes could cause defective vision. The muscles covering the upper portion of the spine at the back of the neck are the main seat of the mechanical interference with the blood and nerve supply to the eyes.