Dry Hair
A home remedy for dry hair is in the top ten most frequently requested remedies. We all know that hair past the scalp follicle is comprised of dead hair cells, much like your fingernails. But why do some people have lustrous smooth manes and others look like they put their fingers in an electrical socket?

The causes of dry hair are the result of the following reason, in descending order: 

Low protein intake, or excessively high protein intake 

Essential Fatty Acid imbalance 

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies 

Hair coloring/bleaching that strips the hair of natural oils 

Continually using the blow dryer on high heat 

Living in a low humidity, hot climate with high winds 

Weak, brittle hair is more vulnerable to breakage than strong hair. When your protein intake is too low (which is true for many people) or you have been deficient in Vitamin A, B, or C for collagen production for a long period of time, it shows up in the condition of your hair. In fact, your physical appearance tells a lot of what is going inside your body. If your hair is straw-like now, you have got to cut it and start fresh from the beginning. You don’t have to settle for dry, unattractive hair.