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Heartburn is a condition characterized by a wavelike, burning sensation in the upper chest and esophagus that usually occurs within an hour of eating. At times, the experience of heartburn can be very uncomfortable, and even mimic sensations of heart disease. In most cases, however, heartburn symptoms tend to be fleeting and not serious in nature.

Conventional physicians commonly recommend over-the-counter antacid medications for a heartburn. While such medications can provide temporary relief, they can be harmful if used for long periods of time, both reducing the amount of stomach acids that are necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of food, and also wrecking havoc with the body’s internal pH. Ironically, antacids are intended to neutralize excess acidity, yet their continued use actually results in over-acidity of the body, helping to create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, all of which thrive in an acidic environment.

Caution: While occasional heartburn is usually harmless, recurring episodes could be an indication of more serious conditions, such as enzyme imbalances or deficiencies, hiatal hernia, stress, or imbalances in adrenal gland, liver, and/or spleen function. If you suffer from chronic or recurring episodes of heartburn, seek medical attention.

The most common heartburn symptom is burning pain in the upper chest and esophagus, which can come in waves and be extremely painful at times. Belching can also accompany a heartburn.

The most common causes of heartburn are overeating, and eating meals that are predominantly acid-forming and abundant in unhealthy fats, spices, and commercially processed foods. Heartburn can also be caused by low levels of hydrochloric acid (HCl), deficiencies in the body’s production of enzymes, poor adrenal and/or spleen function, and/or diminished liver function due to toxicity. Hiatal hernia, stress, or smoking, can cause heartburn.

In addition, food allergies lead to poor digestion which can also contribute to heartburn as can combining too many different types of foods at the same meal. Heartburn can be brought on by drinking excess fluids during mealtime, eating too fast, or eating in a stressed environment. Heartburn can also be connected to constipation, similar to a backed up septic system. In this case, the body can have a difficult time digesting and processing the food coming in, if the previous meal is not going down and being eliminated properly.