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No Hunger Bread
Old Hunger bread is based on a 2000 year old recipe that was created by the Hunza civilization. The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth and this delicious bread is the main part of their diet. Just one or two slices of this bread would suppress a person's appetite for 4 to 6 hours! 

There are facts being uncovered that support a theory that this bread was designed in ancient times for the express purpose of tiding people over when food supplies were scarce. Let's start with the Hunza people who are exceptionally trim, fit and the healthiest people on earth. Many consider their bread to be one of the main reasons for the extraordinary health of the Hunza People.

Here is a little background of the Hunza People from a feature story which has been published in many major newspapers throughout North America. This is an excerpt from the article:

"The Hunza People exist isolated from the rest of the world in the Himalayan Mountains where they live to be 110 to 120 years of age. They have no cancer, heart attacks or other major disorders to speak of. They are active and fit to the end of their lives. Men father children at 100 years of age and older. Overweight people are unheard of because they have the perfect weight control system."

The story then relates research and fact finding visits to Hunza by such notables as Queen Elizabeth, Art Linkletter, N.B.C., The National Geographic Magazine, Frank Shor, Lowell Thomas Jr. and Chou En Lai of China. Visitors to Hunza all came back with the same identical description of the Hunza people:

"Hunza tribal men are straight, tall, broad-shouldered, deep-chested, slim-waisted, heavy-legged and have full heads of hair. Hunza tribal women are straight, tall, slim-waisted, developed bosoms, perfect complexions and luxuriant hair. Both men and women have perfect teeth and eyesight even at 100 years of age and older! They are neat, clean, intelligent and friendly and you can't find an overweight person.

Hunza tribal women at 80 look no older than North American women of 40. Fatigue is virtually unknown. Hunza tribal men over 90 years old repeatedly walk the mountain trail of 65 miles from the town of Gilgit with a full pack and immediately start to work in the fields again!"

We feel that the OLD WORLD Hunza tribal bread may be "by design" both a hunger suppressant and a super health food. It is a simple, nutritious bread that is easily prepared in just 5 minutes using a few ingredients that have always been universally available and the taste is wonderful.

The Hunza People were originally soldiers of Alexander the Great. This bread may have been designed for the use of his far traveling armies. It would make sense. It's the most compact form of hunger satisfaction and nutrition we know of. According to traces of Macedonian Heritage, this bread could have originated in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. As you know, the Egyptians were capable of doing many things that modern science cannot, even today, duplicate.

All of us lifetime dieters know of the miseries of the high protein and liquid protein (or milkshake) diets. They seem okay for the first few days, then they become repulsive. You get "full" on these diets but not satisfied. Let me tell you about the advantages of THE OLD WORLD DIET BREAD. The biggest benefit I can think of is that the dieter just doesn't suffer AT ALL! It's such a natural and powerful appetite inhibitor. This bread is not only healthful and delicious but you will appreciate its simplicity and lack of extraneous ingredients.

This bread satisfies both appetite and hunger. And it does it with only 100 calories as effectively as most 1800 calorie full meals.

We define appetite and hunger like this: appetite is mainly the desire you get for food even when you know you're really not hungry. It's that craving in your mouth you get that's known as the cold mouth feeling. It can also be present even though you've just eaten. Your stomach may be full but you still crave something else. This is the feeling you get with a protein diet. You can stuff yourself with protein until you're ready to burst but the cold mouth craving is still there.

Hunger on the other hand is best described as those pangs of hunger you get or that empty feeling in your stomach that lets you know you really need to eat something rather than simply wanting to eat for the enjoyment of it.

Not only is the bread nutritional, but it contains some proven good health producing roughage or fiber. It passes through your digestive system quickly so the actual absorbed calories are less. You also become very regular eating this bread and it tastes better than any bread that we've ever eaten.

Now, here's what its like hour by hour after you eat the bread.

Hour 1 and 2: Each minute after you finish eating the bread seems like a build-up of a "fullness" feeling. It's just as though you have kept on eating. You keep getting fuller and fuller. Both your appetite and hunger are very satisfied. You don't crave anything more.

Hour 3:  The thought of food just doesn't appeal to you. It's not an unpleasant experience, quite the opposite. But, you don't have a desire for food in any way, shape or form.

Hour 4: You no longer have a feeling of being stuffed or turned off by the thought of eating, but there's a kind of nothing feeling. You don't want to eat, and you don't crave anything. It's just as I said, a sort of comfortable "nothing" stage.

Hour 5 through 7: Toward the end of the 5th hour you begin to get mildly hungry which then slowly increases into the 6th and 7th hour.

All of this for only the cost of 100 to 200 calories .You can't get that performance out of an 1800 calorie meal.

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