Natural Sexual Enhancers
Sex Drive Increaser
     4 ounces sweet almond oil 
     10 drops each lavender & sandalwood
         essential oils 
     2 drops each ylang-ylang and vanilla essential oil 
     1 drop each cinnamon and jasmine essential oil 

Mix all ingredients and use as aromatherapy to relax and increase sex drive. 

Impotence Extract

     1 of each: ginseng root, ginkgo leaves, yohimbe,
                    bark tincture, fresh oat leaves tinctures. 

Mix ingredients and take 30 drops 4 times a day for 2 months. 

Fertility Formula

     2 ounce panax ginseng root tincture. 
     1 oz each: fresh oats, ashwaganda leaves,
                     raspberry leaves tinctures. 
Mix ingredients and take 20 drops 2 times a day.
Genital Infection/Jock Itch Oil & Powder
Jock itch is a fungal infection, which irritates the area and produces an annoying itch and in some cases pain. 

1/8 tsp of each: lavender and tea tree essential oils
1 ounce vegetable oil
Mix ingredients and apply directly to the infected are twice a day. 

1 cup of cornstarch. 
10 drops each lavender and tea essential oils. 
10 drops goldenseal extract. 

Mix ingredients inside of a self-sealing bag and sake well, breaking up the lumps of oil, until smooth. Store the mixture for 3 days shaking every day for 2 minutes. 

Apply on the area once or twice a day. 

This powder makes a great athletes foot medicant.

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