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Sheep Sorrel
Traditionally used by 10 known native (Indian) tribes of Canada and the United States. They called it sour grass or sour weed, and used it as a food and for medicine. Sheep sorrel contains vitamins: A, B, C complex, D, E, K, P and U. Total vitamin C of the leaves varies from 750-1200mg/100g based on dry weight.

Widely know for its use in a public domain compound tea called Essiac, which is used to boost the immune system and it is known to have cured ulcers and tumours, and benefits for cancer patients. 

Sheep Sorrel is the most active herb in Essiac for stimulating cellular regeneration, detoxification, and cleansing. 

Large doses of sheep sorrel tea may cause gastric disturbance, nausea, and diarrhoea due to anthraquinones-type laxative compounds. Large doses of the raw herb may even cause poisoning due to high oxalic acid and tannin content, so stick to known safe recipes and mixtures.

Medical Uses
Anti-diarrhoea and anti-inflammatory: Taken as a tea with the recommended dosage of one to three cups per day, using one teaspoonful of dried above ground herb per cup of boiling water.
Cleansing and detoxifying and diuretic: Leaves be used for their diuretic property and taken as an infusion with a dosage of 1oz to 1pt of boiling water - in doses of 2fl oz (56ml).

Cancer reducing properties: Mixing with 3 other herbs it has been used as an affective treatment to eliminate cancer of the liver and other tumours on internal organs.

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