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Himalayan Salt Features & Origins

One of the most significant and unadulterated salts that has ever been produce by man is Himalayan salt. The salt was prevalent about two hundred fifty million years ago when the sun saturated the early ocean bodies.  Himalayan salt is natural and almost perfect for our bodies because it shares the same structure as the salt from the earliest sea; the sea from which our species evolved.

The salt is intact.  That means that it has minerals and nutrients that are found in, and needed by, our body. The mixture of Himalayan crystal salt with high quality purified or spring water is known as “sole” and is also commonly referred to as brine water.

Natural Home Cures - Himalayan
Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal salt appears to have geometrical patterns when examined under a microscope.  The salt has a transparent, white-to-red pinkish color which can be seen on salt mountains; this type of salt can be produced in bulk where there is ample pressure.

It is thought that the greater the transparency and the more neutral the crystal color, the greater the clarity of the salt.  In this way, It is comparable to diamonds.

Himalayan crystal salt is pure, fresh, clean, unadulterated, unpolluted, and has zero impurities.  It helps maintain the water content in our bodies which creates a strong PH balance in our cells, particularly in our brain cells.

Himalayan crystal salt helps in controlling blood sugar levels and slowing the progression of aging. This wonder salt is also significant for the conduction of hydroelectric energy which is present in the cells of our body.  It also allows for excellent amalgamation of nutrients in the intestinal tract and it boost respiratory and sinus immunity.

Himalayan crystal salt can also help your body by aiding in the regulation of electrolytes.  This helps with homeostasis and creates harmony within the body.  Himalayan crystal salt has additional benefits: salt can be added to bath water for a soothing and relaxing bath, restoring the glow of your skin.

Sole - The Water of Life

Where did life originally come from? - Answer: From the ocean.  All the energy needed to create life is contained within the water of the ocean, a water and salt solution which we call a natural sole (pronounced so-lay).  All the life forms on our planet today emerged from the ocean.  It is a process that to this day is mirrored in the growth of a human fetus in the womb.  From the day of conception onwards, the embryo passes through all the stages of evolutionary development.  Fish-like gills develop after five weeks, and then slowly recede.  In this period, two hundred and fifty million years (250,000,000) of evolution are re-enacted - a single cell grows into a conscious human being.  And where does this new life begin? In a sole, i.e. in the amniotic fluid at a temperature of 98.6F inside the womb, a fluid which is a one-percent water and salt solution (one part salt, 100 parts water). The word sole has its roots in the word "soul".  In fact, in ancient times the Celts believed sole represented the soul, being the fluid from which we are all born.

The functions of salt: The special properties of salt enable it to regulate functions in our bodies. Osmosis, the basis of cell metabolism, is regulated exclusively by the concentration of salt in the cells. Salt plays a role in all our bodily activities.  Every thought, every movement, all our actions are steered by our brains and the central nervous system and the nerve and neurones can only transmit impulses when elements contained in salt (such as potassium and sodium) are present.

The conductivity of salt can be easily demonstrated by the following experiment: both ends of a electric circuit that has been broken and to which a light bulb has been attached, are held in distilled water. The bulb will not light up as water does not conduct.  Now, add a little salt to the water and the bulb will light up immediately.  This is how we can visualize the function of salt in the human organism: only when sufficient salt is available can our bodies function properly.

The Self Healing Body

Our body is a remarkable creation of nature.  It is equipped with all the mechanisms it needs not only to sustain itself, but also to give rise to new life. Every normal, healthy body has an innate ability to regulate and heal itself, achieving and, where necessary, restoring the natural balance of bodily functions, a state known as homeostasis.  It is these innate mechanisms which heal us when we are ill, not doctors, nor even medication.  Our bodies are fully capable of regenerating themselves so we should be ultra-cautious when using terms like "incurable".  Doctors who describe a disease as incurable are really saying that they have reached the limit of their knowledge and experience as medical professionals.  "Incurable" is a word that only spreads fear.  It suppresses and lessens our body's innate defenses.  Conventional medicine only looks at the chemical processes in living beings, the processes that can be proven.  Consequently, disease is normally suppressed, substituted, or operated upon, but seldom cured.  Complementary medicine, on the other hand, looks at the abilities and energetic correlations and interactions in the living organism.  In contrast to conventional medicine, the emphasis here is on regulation and prevention. 

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