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Asthma Testimonials
Below are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that we receive daily. 

Asthma:  I was looking for an alternative to treat my asthma and was consuming the liquid form of mangosteen but it had little effect.  Within 4 days of consuming the solid form of the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen capsules at the rate of 4 capsules a day I was starting to notice results.

The Natural Home Cures Mangosteen has greatly improved my breathing and I would compare its effectiveness to a steroid without the steroid side affects. Also its more effective than most other asthma medicines I have used. Best natural remedy I've tried so far.

I am impressed with the knowledge of your staff and help that was offered. Price of the product is very fair. I plan to do more business in the future with you.

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Edward Kemena of Aliquippa Pennsylvania

"I have been taking mangosteen since January 2006. My symptoms started to get better as early as the third day. My Asthma is almost totally gone. I rarely use my inhaler now. My fibrocystic breast pain is gone too and other pre-menopausal symptoms. My neck pain and arthritic-like pain on my shoulder, back, neck and wrists are now gone. I rarely have to use any pain medication."
Alicia from California

Asthma: "I have had Asthma my whole life. I have grown out of some of the allergies associated with Asthma, but when it is cold outside and I go out for even a little bit, I would soon as I would come inside and warm up. I began taking the product, as [I] was told it had anti-inflammatory properties. I was hoping that if would help my Asthma even a bit. I started taking mangosteen daily. About two weeks later, I started noticing an increased amount of energy. About another month after this I noticed that when I went out in the cold weather that I would not wheeze hardly at all after coming in from the cold. This product has helped my life out dramatically. My 81-year-old grandmother has been taking the product for about 8 months. She is in good health to start with but after taking the product has a lot more energy. She can now hoe the weeds out of her whole garden without taking a break where as before she would have to do parts at a time. This product is amazing."
Ryan from Alberta, Canada

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