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Inflammation Testimonials
Below are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that we receive daily. 

Arthritis: I am taking the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen for Arthritis and have been using mangosteen for almost one year.  When I take it I do not have arthritis. If I go off of it for more than a couple of days, it kicks right back up. I also put my elderly dog on it. He is acting like a pup again. Natural Home Cures has been amazing. Their prices are very reasonable and when you place an order it is received very quickly. I rarely have had to wait past a week. When I have had either email or phone conversation with support they are very polite, and responsive. I appreciate their service and product.
(9:31 min Audio)
Shelly Bishop of Hillsboro Oregon

I have been diagnosed with
arthritis in my hips, pain in my buttocks and down the back of my left leg which my family doctor presumed was sciatica.  Before learning about Natural Home Cures, I came across a company called Xango and was looking for a less expensive and more convenient alternative.

After using your mangosteen product, I am now pain free and at a cost that I can afford. The customer service and after care support on all of my orders have been outstanding, encompassing both e-mail responses and telephone calls.

(3:07 min Audio)
Cathy Sanford
Breaux Bridge Louisiana

I have Arthritis and Gout and one of my friends who sells liquid mangosteen provided me with information that I was really not satisfied with.  I did further research and found your company and mangosteen product.
The Natural Home Cures Website was quite informative. The mangosteen was exactly what I was looking for. I would have a gout flareup at least once every two weeks and had
arthritis  flareups in my knees constantly. The cost of $25.00 is well worth the mangosteen so as not to have the pain that I had. Thanks so much forth is product.

(1:10 min Audio)
Tommy Guidry of Lockport Louisiana

Arthritis, allergies and sinus: "I've been taking mangosteen since 9-1-06 for my arthritis, allergies and sinus. The one thing I discovered recently was for my urinary tract infection. I've had this problem since I was 11 years old and I am now 29. One afternoon before leaving for work, I started feeling pain. I could not urinate and when I tried it was painful with the burning feeling. I thought about calling in sick to work, but instead I wanted to experiment if mangosteen will work for
urinary tract infection. Within 30 minutes after taking it I had to rush to the bathroom. Wow, what a relief no pain. Usually when my urinary tract infection acts up, it will take 2-3 days to get better with cranberry, grapefruit juice and medication. Now no more worries with mangosteen."
Mike from Nevada

Arthritis and Mortons Neuroma Pain: I was recommended to Natural Home Cures from a friend, as I suffer from arthritis and Mortons Neuroma pain in my toe and leg.  Since using the Natural Home Cures mangosteen these pains have all disappeared.  I also want to mention that you offer excellent customer service, as last year, I mistakenly duplicated an order and a customer service representative called me within minutes to confirm and correct my order.  I must say, I was extremely surprised and very pleased with his concern and conscientiousness.  Made me stay with your company.
J. Pearson from Liverpool New York

Carpal Tunnel: "I have been a Dental Assistant for over 26 years. 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel. My hands would go numb 5-6 times a day, lasting up to 30 minutes at a time. My sleep was interrupted with the most annoying discomfort in my hands and wrists. No matter what exercise or anti-inflammatory I took, the discomfort never stopped, but got worse over time. I started taking mangosteen and after 10 days, I began to notice that my hands were only going numb about 3 times a day instead of 5-6. I began sleeping through the night and after 2 months on mangosteen, I am free from any
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, except when I am driving long distances, gripping my steering wheel, or talking on the phone for long periods of time, as I share my mangosteen experience with others. I think getting the workout to others about mangosteen is definitely worth the slight discomfort."
Deneane from
Washington State

Chronic Pain:
"For over 15 years, have had to deal with chronic neck and upper back pain, due to sport injuries when I was younger. I am still very active riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, etc. Not wanting to slow down and live my life in sitting on the couch, I have seen numerous chiropractors and specialists over the years with very little long-term results. To make matters worse, I was taking anti-inflammatories to help with pain, like Advil, Bextra, and Ibprofen at least once or twice day, usually four or 5 tablets at a time. Not good for the stomach: big time acid reflux problems. So, then I started taking Acidplex to help my stomach. To make a long story short, I was introduced to the mangosteen. I was still very skeptical that it would help, but all the research was promising. Wow, after taking mangosteen for only 3 weeks I was experiencing great pain relief and my stomach was almost 100% better. After 6 months of being on mangosteen my over-all health has much improved and I am completely off both prescription drugs. This is a great product and I encourage everyone to try it and see if it can help you."
Charles from California

Chronic Pain:
"I have had RA since July 2000. I had chronic pain 24/7 and lost the ability to do manythings such as stand and walk any great distance. Life had become one great misery. My lower back hurt continually because my knees could no longer straighten out. By my third bottle of mangosteen,  my lower back pain was gone. By 90 days my chronic pain was rapidly decreasing.I have used mangosteen for the past 18 months continuously and I notice that strength and health are coming back into my body. I do not ever want to be without mangosteen. It has given a quality of life back tome that I was beginning to think would never happen again."

Rosemarie from British Columbia, Canada

Chronic Pain: 
"I have suffered with
chronic pain for over twenty-five years. I have had several MRI's in the past five years that show progressive deterioration of the cervical spine. Problems exist from the C2-3,C3-4,C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7 ranging from modest to severe damage. The damage consist of degenerative disc disease, disc bulging, scoliosis of the spine, compressed nerve root for amina and also degenerative joint disease. I also suffered from fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. My migraines have caused me trips to the emergency room more then I want to remember. On one occasion after three trips to the emergency room, my doctor put me in the hospital and on a morphine drip to help control the pain of the headaches. That's how bad the migraines would get. Onthe milder side, I have pain in my right hip, which I use a protonic to ease the pain and strengthen the hip.

At the age of 56, the quality of life was going down hill rapidly. As time went by, my ability to do things became more difficult. By three o'clock in the afternoon, I had to resort to sitting on the couch and by 7:30PM I was in bed nearly 95% of the time. Going places in the car began to take its toll on me, the bumps in the road would cause compression in the neck and that caused more pain then I could handle. I was on celebrex, but that did not seem to help with the pain and would cause stomach upset, which in turn resulted in another pill forthat.

I was to the point of going in to have surgery on my neck, when a friend of ours introduced me to Mangosteen.. I was very skeptical.  I started taking mangosteen in April of 2006 and by the second bottle the pain in my hip was gone. After the third bottle, the pain in my neck was gone and I have not had a severe attack of a migraine headache since that time. Before mangosteen, I was on 12 different medications. Now I am down to only two medications and I hope some day to be totally off all medications."
from Nebraska

Fatigue, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle cramps: "
I have suffered for years with
fatigue, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle cramps.I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year and told I would be totally disabled within five years. My energy level was already at zero and declining if that was possible. My husband came home and told me about mangosteen. I listened and and discounted everything he said, thinking it was to good to be true. Within 2 weeks of taking mangosteen my energy level came up, my muscle cramps are gone, my depression is non-existent, my bones don't ache,and no joint pain. I have gone from 16 prescriptions down to two.
Robertafrom South Carolina

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